Back to pap

My last post was a bit of a departure for me. I’ve not really written about anything personal on this blog before, and I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again. After all, if I stop repressing my emotions and start ‘sharing’, how will I ever get angina? However, I do want to say a huge thank you to all you kind and good-hearted people who posted such lovely and reassuring comments – they have gone a long way towards making me feel heaps more optimistic about the future.

But now, it’s back to what I enjoy best: puerility! Here’s something I found in the Oxfam book shop today:



Aaah, I feel better already…



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19 responses to “Back to pap

  1. Noooo……

    And the author WOULD be a Capt Johns (I’m in America, remember). And I think his first name MUST be Willy, don’t you?

    • notwavingbutironing

      Oooh, I’ve just looked at the contents page, and chapter 11 is called ‘Hard going’, chapter 13, ‘Behind the locked door,’ and chapter 15, ‘Buttoned up’. I am not making this up.

  2. Lou

    Wot is that man in green doing to that other man’s bottom!? If Chapter 11, 13 and 15 are anything to go by, this is not a book for me.

    Disgusted of Shropshire.

  3. Zoe

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Ah, the joys of a more innocent age. Certainly makes for hilarious misinterpretation today !!

  5. Who’d have thought it of good old Biggles….dirty little fella!

  6. I do very much like the phallic lighthouse.

  7. OMG! Best laugh I’ve had for days….

    • notwavingbutironing

      Ah ladies, I see you are all connoisseurs of infantile humour. But possibly not as sad as me, for I have just looked up other Biggles titles, and found the equally fnuuur-ish ‘Biggles Gets His Men’, ‘Biggles Delivers the Goods’, ‘No Rest for Biggles’, ‘Biggles Presses On’ and, most disturbing of all, ‘Biggles: the Camels are Coming’. Don’t think I want to know any more about that one.

  8. You beat me to it with that reply – I’ve been nosing at the book titles too. He also wrote a selection of “Gimlet” books including “Gimlet Goes Again”, “Gimlet Bores In” and “Gimlet Mops Up”….well you would, wouldn’t you.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Good morning, Queen of the Double Entendres, I was wondering when you would sniff this out. Apparently there are some very rare editions out there of ‘Biggles Gives Ginger and Algy the Blow-Job of Their Lives’.

  9. Wasn’t there actually a book called Biggles Flies Undone?? Must Google and see!! I must say, Biggles is a bit of a goer. x

    • notwavingbutironing

      Biggles Flies Low, very possibly. Sadly, having glanced at a view pages of the book, Biggles appears to spend most of his time mooring sailing boats and having fist fights. Very dull.

  10. Oh this is a good game….I’ll be tittering away in the charity shop this weekend…..must grab your fun where you can!

    • notwavingbutironing

      Sad, isn’t it. My heart rate must have gone up to about 160bpm when I chanced up on it. I don’t get many thrills these days.

  11. Thank God! I thought you were going all serious on us. Lucky old Biggles eh?

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