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Oh, brilliant. Now I look like a mushroom

I know some of you won’t have been able to sleep over the weekend, wondering how my new power bob is holding up. Well, inevitably, I was unable to reproduce its angular lines when I washed and blow-dried it myself yesterday, and consequently I now look like a giant chestnut mushroom.

I know I’m not alone in my hair horror, though. Thanks to your dire warnings about ‘the Velma’ (Trish at mumsgoneto.blogspot.com) and ‘the 75-year-old German supply teacher’ (Madame Smoking Gun at sceneofthecrime.blogspot.com), I understand that all bobs have a tendency to go badly awry. Still, I’m not really sure what the alternative is. Do I embrace middle-age and go with ‘the Cagney’, or ‘the Lacey’? Do I vainly try and recapture my youth by getting a spiral perm? Am I self-obsessed, do you think?

Whatever, I’m stuck with my puffball-head for the next six weeks at least. Maybe I could start a trend?

‘Attractive? Confident? Don’t be! Ask your hairdresser for new Bowl-o’-Hair™. With its unique motorcycle-helmet shape, Bowl-o’-Hair™ immediately removes all traces of sexiness, while its patented Oh!-It’s-A-Bit-Shorter-Than-I-Thought-It-Would-Be formula works to emphasise jowls and the first signs of a turkey neck.

Bowl-o’-Hair™. From hottie to hausfrau in minutes.’

Join me, ladies. You know you want to!



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