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Are you a mummy bore?

One of the perils of not having a job is that I’ve become a little too wrapped up in my children’s lives. My husband thinks I’m becoming a mummy bore. Can it be true? Are there people out there who don’t want to know about my son’s double crown? Or my daughter’s love of red peppers? (She just likes red ones, not yellow or green. Fascinating).
Anyway, another peril of not having a job is that you have enough time on your hands to devise a pointless quiz like this one.

Are you obsessed with your children, or do you have a life beyond nappies, nursery rhymes and anything else beginning with N that I just can’t think of right at this minute? Try our fun quiz to find out.

You’re wrestling with a tricky moral dilemma. You ask yourself:
a) What would Jesus do?
b) What would Madonna do?
c) What would the Gruffalo do?

You’re having sex with your partner. As events reach a crescendo, you cry out:
a) ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’
b) ‘Shh! You’ll wake the children!’
c) ‘Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop!’

Do you like cheese?
a) Yes, mostly French ones
b) Yes, but did I mention my daughter is allergic?
c) Yes, check out this sculpture of my baby that I made entirely from Emmenthal

On a rare romantic dinner date with your other half, you stare into his eyes and say…
a) ‘Darling, I love you more than ever’
b) ‘Did you Sky+ “Got To Dance”?’
c) ‘Did I tell you I got Charlie to try peas the other day? They were petits pois, actually, so I told him they were teeny tiny baby peas and he actually ate them! Can you believe it?!’ *

* based on actual events

Mostly As
Well done, you’re still a woman!

Mostly Bs
Not bad, you’re half woman, half mummy – a womammy

Mostly Cs
You’re an obsessive mum – a mobsessive. Or would that be an obsessummy? I think I’ll go and put the tea on now…



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