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What I’ve been doing for the last seven months. In haiku


Toad leaps. Fish gapes. Heron darts.

I lie on the sofa and eat Minstrels

Apathy has me in his grasp.

I’d struggle,

but I can’t quite be arsed

Peas or beans? Peas or beans?


There. I’ve actually made a decision


We make strange bedfellows, Apathy and I.

He snores, and
I dribble.

I wonder if I’ve got S.A.D.?

Everything’s an effort, even…

Apathy has gone too far.

He has suggested

a threesome with Sloth


Mount Fuji looms above my window.

That’s weird.

I’m in Wolverhampton

Just checked – it’s still there.

Maybe it’s time to adjust my medication

April arrives, bringing gentle rain.

My torpor lifts.

My buttocks droop.


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