Thought-free Thursday: check out my husband’s cobnuts!

As you can see, I’ve just de-bagged my husband’s cobnuts. What am I going to do with them, you ask? I thought I’d wash them gently in cold water then smash them open with a meat mallet. (We don’t possess a nutcracker, unfortunately, which would have made the whole thing a lot less messy.)

Even I don’t have the strength to carry this lame double entendre any further. Suffice to say, I’ve never had a cobnut – a Kentish speciality – in my life, so I’ll get back to you on what they taste like. (‘Like testicles!’ Now that really would be the supreme irony).

I think I’ve blown my chances of Pampers ever sponsoring this blog.



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18 responses to “Thought-free Thursday: check out my husband’s cobnuts!

  1. How long has your husband had his nuts? Has he been hiding them? But seriously now –
    did we fast forward to Autumn?

  2. notwavingbutironing

    I see you know your cobnut seasons, Lucille! These were given to my husband by his friend, whose parents have a cobnut farm. They’ve been in storage. Any ideas what to do with them?


    ………Lent may be over but I’m still not available for cobnut dinner parties….

  4. I like the idea of nuts better than their actuality. Too many bowls of brazils have languished on the side gathering dust. Sadly, I think cobnuts (and probably all the others) are better fresh when they are crisp and milky. I’d give the old ones to the squirrels and hot foot it down to the farm for this year’s crop when it arrives.

  5. Oh, marvellous. A double entendre heaven. Nothing makes me giggle more than nuts, except anything to do with bottoms or poo. Must grow up soon. x

  6. I don’t know my cobnuts…and what’s more I’m relieved that I don’t! I’m also relieved that pampers won’t be sponsporing you – you’re far too funny and original for that!

    • notwavingbutironing

      Oh, thank you, 1H2K! Who needs corporate millions anyway, when you’ve got a bag of slightly stale cobnuts in the shed? Not me!

  7. Your nuts could join my balls in the world of ongoing testicular-related blog jokes.

    Very, very, oddly only last week I planted a cob-nut bush in my garden. Give it a year and we can compare our nuts on-line…..

  8. I don’t know what a cobnut is! How sheltered am I?
    Hope I crack it soon. And you do too.

    Have mentioned you in a post about cleaning on mine!

    • notwavingbutironing

      Thanks, Deer Baby. Not sure you’re missing out on much vis a vis cobnuts. If they haven’t set the culinary world on fire yet, I’m not sure they ever will. Will try one and let you know. x

  9. Used to have a beautiful cobnut tree in our old garden but I coudn’t tell you what they tasted like as the flippin birds always got to them first. Every year. 6 years we were there. Not one blinkin cob nut

  10. Public forum nut removal!

    We’ve come long way sisters!

    Eeyew! – ‘public forum’ – sngfffhhh…….

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