Dancing: an update

Ah, this whole going-dancing thing is really sorting the (wo)men from the boys.
‘I can’t come tonight, I’m really tired.’
‘I’m still not recovered from the operation I had last week.’ (Yeah, I thought that one was particularly lame, too.)
‘Ooh, I’m coming down with something!’ Sure you are. It’s called middle age.
Don’t worry ladies, I’m still going. In the words of Liquid Gold, I shall Dance Myself Dizzy. But that’s mainly because of my overactive thyroid.



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5 responses to “Dancing: an update

  1. Salt and vinegar chipsticks, coke, nurofen, Andrew’s, lots of water and duvet. And probably a foot amputation. That’ll do you.

    Now don’t do that again.

    Not for a year anyway.

    Now go back to bed. The children don’t want to see you dribbling.

    And when you resurface – maybe Tuesday – tell us all about it you saucy harlot.

  2. My girls night out (last night) was only for a sit-down meal and I nearly cried off because it was raining. But I forced myself to go. Three others had particularly poor excuses including root canal work that day? It was an Italian – surely she could have sucked up a bit of spaghetti.

  3. Did they play any tracks by the Nolan sisters?

    • notwavingbutironing

      Hello Madame, Trish and Iota – Did you notice how I have glossed over the whole dancing thing by posting about something else entirely? I glossed like the wind! Gloss, glossity gloss! That’s because the whole thing ended up being rather disappointing and I feel like I have rather let everyone down by not being the world’s biggest twat on the dancefloor. Will post about it next. Maybe I should do a vlog of me off my face on vodka, ‘dancing’ to ‘I Can Transform Ya’ by Chris Brown, so you can get a flavour of how things should have been?

  4. Nah – you’re alright…….

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