Look what too much wine can do…

This is pretty close to what I look like today after the Class 2R night out. Okay, so I’ve not been decapitated and put in a display case (although it feels like it) but my skin pallor’s similar, and I seem to have taken ‘creepy 18th-century clown’ as the inspiration for today’s make-up look. (I was aiming for ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’, but as my fingers were still shaky, and a bit clammy, at 7am, it all went a bit Grimaldi.) That’s it, I can’t even type any more. I’m going to lie on the sofa and eat Hobnobs – one of the perks of not having a job.



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3 responses to “Look what too much wine can do…

  1. Yup…you’re looking good girl! Was this the image you were going for when you picked up your BMB award last week?!

  2. I’m impressed – you don’t work, you are overhung to all hell… and you can be bothered putting make-up on? Next you’ll be telling me you wear clothes every day.

  3. notwavingbutironing

    Yes, it takes effort to look this good, ladies. At least eight glasses of wine go into it, plus forgetting to drink any water, and not being able to find any Nurofen in the whole goddamn house.

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