Ros from Spooks, will you be my best friend?

I’m a little bit in love with Ros from Spooks – her icy demeanour, her skinny yet agile body, the way she can outrun FSB agents while wearing stilettos… And how refreshing that a fortysomething woman is more or less the star of the show (Richard Armitage’s character is just eye candy; he couldn’t fight his way out of paper bag in those sprayed-on 1980s-style jeans.)

I actually find Ros totally believable. I used to watch a great series called ‘SAS: Are You Tough Enough?’, which featured a load of super-fit contestants (mostly twenty-something men) being put through army training in the desert – yomping with full packs in 90 degree heat, being subjected to psychological torture, etc, etc – until there were only a handful still standing. Far from being a foregone conclusion, the final would always feature one or two middle-aged ladies, usually vets or GPs from the home counties. There was one episode where the contestants were put in stress positions and shut in a cell for hours, with white noise blasting incessantly. Grown men emerged weeping, but the lady vet/GP came out looking about as ruffled as she might be if she’d encountered a slightly longer-than-average queue in Marks & Spencer’s food hall. Come to think of it, my own GP is exactly that type – brisk to the point of ruthlessness. Which explains why, when she removed my coil recently as if she was yanking on a faulty pull switch, she nearly dragged my womb out with it.



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22 responses to “Ros from Spooks, will you be my best friend?

  1. myf

    i think ros is amazing. she really stays in character too, you never see her in her knitted slippers having a cup of hot cocoa watching a bit of tele. very tough lady, i mean woman.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Ah, bless you for bothering to read this nonsense on a busy Saturday. No, no one from Spooks ever does anything ordinary, like go to Sainsbury’s or queue up at the post office for a tax disc for their new car. PS We got our tree today, at your husband’s recommendation, and it is waaaaay too big for our living room, which means that whichever chair you sit in, there are branches draped over your face. Come and try it…

  2. I have been watching her though, in a creepy, bitter way, and realised the other day that she changed her shoes in between torturing a bloke and then running. Heels for torture, flats for running.

    The boot of her car must be stuffed. Oddly, she seemed to have a spare car, as well, since someone had shot the back window out of the last one.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Ah, so that’s how she does it! Will keep a closer eye on her shoes in future. My husband also has a fascination with the fine detail of Spooks, particularly Lucas and Ros’s flats. What do you reckon a secret service operative takes home after tax? I’d actually be v surprised if it’s more than forty-something grand. Which might just conceivably stretch to a mansion-block flat in Notting Hill (Ros), but Lucas’s state-of-the-art bach-pad complete with multiple skylights is stretching credibility somewhat. Unless it’s somewhere in zone 5 or 6 like Thornton Heath.

  3. I want to be her, personally. I mean, she would make a great best friend but I would be a bit scared about what would happen if I ever failed to turn up for coffee or if she decided I was slowing her down – much better to be the one doing the garotting etc, surely? (Says she, who can’t kill a spider). Have put you up as Mummy Blogger of the week at BMB, by the way.


    • notwavingbutironing

      Yes, and thank you so much! It is actually the best thing that has happened to me since 2003 or thereabouts (you don’t get much affirmation in the world of parenting, as you probably know). Ironically, I can’t get the British Mummy Bloggers badge to go into my sidebar without deleting everything else that’s there, but I will get there! I’ll get that 15-year-old computer geek off Spooks to help me. Then he’ll probably have to kill me.

  4. I also think she’s gorgeous, but have not indulged in the Screen Test examination of her persona that The Coffee lady has… I just sit and sigh at her beautifully thin body, and wonder if she has to work very hard at it. I think the flats/heels thing is learnt in lesson 1 of hardcore, sexy spy training. i applied for that one year. I got turned down.

    • notwavingbutironing

      I failed, too – you’re not allowed to wear slippers and elasticated slacks, apparently. Anyway, Ros is thin because she appears never to go to the supermarket or take a lunch break. Have we ever seen her with a bacon sarnie? Or even a crispbread?

  5. Well done on being chosen as British Mummy Blogger of the week! Treat yourself to a new dressing gown – or at least change your tights! A toast to my new blogging friend!

    • notwavingbutironing

      Ah, thank you! Just seen this and am really pleased! Special thanks to you for being my first visitor and champion, and for putting up with my technical gripes. Write another post, soon, please, so I can hear more about Xmas with Annette and Gregor (was wondering whether Bill Patterson might make a good George?)

  6. Can they please get rid of the poor mans Andie MacDowell/Four Weddings and a Funeral Texan doughnut. “Is it raining, I hadn’t noticed” Pah! Through her off the balcony.

    • notwavingbutironing

      You’re right, she looks like Andie MacDowell’s younger blonder sister. Lucas is probably going to have to kill her in the final episode. Rule 42 of Spooks: no one can ever be happy. Perhaps he’ll beat her to death with a L’Oreal Revitalift gift set?

  7. Yeah! Congrats on being Mummy Blogger of the Week! Well deserved, if I may say so! With far too many exclamation marks!
    And yes, women are probably very well prepared for endurance/torture situations, esp those who have had children. Mine push my patience to the limit almost daily.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Thank you v much! I, too, am a fan of the exclamation mark! Also the pointless semi-colon; although I’m not sure I ever use it correctly! If you ever want to talk punctuation, I’m your woman! (Rachel immediately changes password and logs off…)

  8. Haven’t got the foggiest idea who Ros is but loved your description of the middle aged vet. Was laughing until you mentioned the coil, now I’m crossing my legs!

    Congratulations on being Mummy Blogger of the Week.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Thank you! I am really pleased I joined British Mummy Bloggers, everyone seems v supportive of each other. And I now have a list as long as your arm of blogs I want to visit, which means I won’t have time to try to find work/volunteer at the school/keep the house perfect after all. Phew!

  9. Just come over from Potty Mummy’s blog, where you are mentioned as Blogger of the Week.

    My youngest started school this autumn (fall, since I live in the US), and I, too, am wondering what to do next.

    Love the slippers, by the way. And you are one step ahead of me, because I never bothered enough with face cream, so I am a non-hybrid total alligator.

    • notwavingbutironing

      Please share your ‘what to do next’ ideas with me. I can see me floundering around pointlessly for the next 10 years unless I get myself in gear. I guess, given our alligator skin, neither of us stands much chance of making it as a hand model.

  10. My husband and I also sit there discussing the details of Spooks, rather irritatingly while it is actually on, which means we sit there rather confused because we miss vital bits of the plot!

    Congratulations on being BMB blogger of the week. x

    • notwavingbutironing

      Thank you, I am enjoying my 15 seconds of fame. Must remember to actually post from now on as well as read everyone else’s blogs! Roll on Wednesday’s episode of Spooks – how long before Lucas strips off, I wonder?

  11. Now look at all those comments! Well done. I will do another post this week. I’m not convinced either Bill Patterson or Gregor Fisher are quite right to play George in my charades sit-com. He’s a bit of a one-off! It will come to me eventually and you’ll be the first to know the casting.

  12. myf

    congrats on being mummy blogger of the week!
    just wanted to say i saw the real Ros (hermione norris) on the beach while meeting up with all the families in our nct group. she looked really trim i think she must work at it.

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