Be honest, do you think I’ve let myself go?

Check out my new slippers – hot stuff, huh? From the look on his face, I can tell my husband was blown away when he got home from Ireland last night to find me watching Ghost Whisperer, wearing these and with my snout stuck in a tube of Paprika Pringles. It’s a good job I wasn’t also wearing my towelling dressing gown, which I have to tie at the waist with a pair of tights because the belt got shredded in the tumble dryer.

Apart from wearing slippers designed for growing bunions in, here are some other ways to tell if you’re past your best:

* You can no longer carry off the wistful look. In your twenties, if you stared into the distance and pouted a bit, you looked like Maid Marion Surprised in a Forest Glade. Now you just look like you’ve had an accident in your Tena Lady pants.

* Puff sleeves, empire-line dresses and sweetheart necklines all make you look like Bette Davis in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’ As do pink blusher, above-the-knee hemlines, opaque tights, anything floral, and court shoes. Ditto everything else.

* You may have slapped moisturiser and SPF20 on your face for 20 years, but you forgot your neck and hands. Now you look like some part-human, part-alligator hybrid.



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8 responses to “Be honest, do you think I’ve let myself go?

  1. Your comment worked on my post! You must be getting the hang of it. Though I had real trouble trying to subscribe to your blog (maybe as its wordpress?).
    You must look quite a beaut in your dressing gown and tights combo. Could you try a coloured pair draped round your crepey neck too? Works for me!

    • notwavingbutironing

      Or possibly a stocking over my entire face? Glad my post finally made it. Next I will work on adding you to my side bar. I had a Google (ooer missus) last night regarding the various posting/subscribing probs I’ve been having and it seems like WordPress and Blogger dislike each other – there’s lots of incompatibility going on! And at Christmas too!

  2. Chris

    Had to laugh at your post. Last Thurs bailed out of my husbands exec xmas dinner (jippy tum) so when he returned home was lying on settee with pink fluffy dressing gown on over pink pj’s with those black sock things on that help you not to slip. I had Love Actually on dvd and having made a miraculous recovery tum wise was nibbling on a packet of dry roasted. I felt sooooooooooo comfortable. The thing to know is you can scrub up if necessary!!!!!

    • notwavingbutironing

      I have to say, your ‘chilling wardrobe’ sounds better than mine. At least your dressing gown and PJs match. Your husband’s a lucky man!

  3. I’m fairly sure that’s how the DH found me last weekend [sigh]. Three years of marriage and I can’t even keep up appearances any more…..

    • notwavingbutironing

      I’ve actually been tempted to buy of those snuggle sack things (they’re basically a cross between a blanket and a romper suit). Apparently they’re selling like hot cakes this Xmas. Although I think they’re intended for pensioners who can’t afford to pay their heating bills.

  4. 1) Those slippers look soooo comfy and snug. here’s hoping Santa may bring some my way.

    2) Paprika Pringles rule. They are super yummy.

    3) unfortunately for my hubbie I actually wear the towling dressing gown too – much to his dissapointment that I’m not wearing my second legs – stocking to you and I.

    Great posts.
    Take care
    Kate Collings

  5. Ahhhhh I had those exact same slippers!

    Note the ‘had’ – I’m afraid they are ‘so’ last season. Matalan’s finest?

    I’m afraid mine twisted round my foot and I fell the length of the staircase (well that could have been the Strongbow but I’m blaming the slippers…..) and then the seams split open (that 100% wasn’t the Strongbow).

    You have been warned…..;) but yeah – before that I thought they rocked.

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